Analytical Match Game, Part 2

Before looking at specific questions and examples below, go back and read the beginning “Analytical Matching Game, Part 1.”

Any of these could use a generic research question, but let’s see if exploring some of the suggested questions below we can break through to something more tailored to your graphic novel:

Are You My Mother?    -How is this relationship of mother daughter usual or unusual? Is this a graphic novel young women would want to read?

Fun Home    -Is this work a work of literature? What is the ultimate purpose of this story? How does personal exploration lead to revelations? What is the role of pain in growing up?

Shark Boy Lava Girl    -How does the story told here connect to its audience? Are or is there unique aspects of this story people need to know about? Being a kids book, is there something here adults would appreciate? How does that work?

Watchmen       -How does this dark critique of superheroes affect the view people have about them? Is this work one of literature? What are some interesting or unique elements of the story?

March: Book 3      -What kind of message does this story have that audiences today would identify with? Who should read this book? Why would it be important for more people to read this? Is this a work of literature? How and why?

Saga     -How is this as a love story? Is there a message in this love story that can be applied to the real world? Does the blending of sci-fi and fantasy work here? How does that make the story appealing?

Kingsman    -What is the purpose of this story? Are there literary elements in here? What message does the story ultimately wish to convey?

Your Black Friend     -How does this story talk about race and other issues faced by minorities? Is there something here other people would want to read? How does the author use humor to discuss serious issues?

Silence of Our Friends     -Do you find that this story is relevant today? What kind of message does this story have that audiences today would identify with? Who should read this book? Why would it be important for more people to read this?

Superman: Red Son      -How does the “altering” of Superman’s story make an impact on the audience? What remains the same and what is different about this Superman? As a “what if” how does this story enhance, detract, or alter perceptions of Superman’s roll in relation to humanity?

Bitch Planet        -How does controversy effect this work? Is there a message in this story people can identify with? Does this story promote or provoke responses in its readers?

Wizard of Oz    -How does the adaptation of a work of literature change it? Does the artwork make the story more engaging? Can this story be more relatable to children today as the original was in its day?




BA in History from Northwestern State, MA in English from Northwestern State, and PhD in Rhetoric from Texas Woman's University. Big into comic books and visual rhetoric. Assistant Professor of English at Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC.

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