Appendix E: Writing Center

Seek Assistance Early in the Writing Center:

The Writing Center, located in the Grace Thomas Kennedy building, room 228, is an excellent on-campus resource for help with writing and/or building reading comprehension and proficiency, and it is free!!! Peer and faculty consultants are available to help you brainstorm, organize, and work through some common writing concerns. However, be aware that the Writing Center is not a proofreading or writing service.  They are concerned with helping you become a better writer.  They will provide valuable feedback and assistance on any kind of writing activity.  You may make a 15-30 minute appointment with a consultant by registering with or you may simply walk-in and be served on space-time availability.  The key to success is planning ahead. If there are additional questions, check with Writing Center Coordinator, Ms. Candace Kelly in GTK 228.