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cala_bash_logo_final.jpgThis week is CALA Bash here at Claflin University.

I want you to attend events that are taking place. Especially, and this will count towards your attendance for this week, I want you to attend at a minimum TWO events and write me a brief (2 – 4 paragraph summary and response) about what you witness.

1. Your summary should be a brief description of what happened at the event

2. Your response should tell me your opinion or feelings or what you learned at the event.

These will be written up and shared with me next week. You may use your journal for this.

On Tuesday, students from one of my classes will be presenting posters in WVM lobby, a speaker who does my avatar work drawings for this blog will be here and talking at 2 PM in ARM and there will be a comic book jam hosted by me in the GTK writing center at 4 PM.

Below is listed a link and flyer for events:

Full List of Events and Details


ENGL 102.08 Exercises for Tuesday, Mar.26

1.Here is what you need to do for me to prepare for Thursday:

2. Read the following attached document, it is PDF file of 2 flawed arguments that I want you to read and make notes about for Thursday.

Closer Examination of Arguments, Part 2

3. While reading above document, attempt to make notes about the questions:

What do you see here that looks good?

What do you see here that you feel is missing or could be better?

4. Bring those notes to class on Wednesday. Keep in mind the structure we discussed last week:

  • Topic sentence

  • Claim/Statement

  • Evidence/Example

  • Explanation/Transition

5. Bring to class THREE potential quotations that you use to create your own example of your argument that we will work on Thursday.

Starting the Argument Process

John with books_InPixio

So far we’ve looked at an example and the structure of arguments, now let us apply it.


Topic Sentence

Statement / Claim

Evidence / Example

Explanation / Transition

Using this structure, I want you to work on writing, in your research journal, one of your argument paragraphs. You will start it here, refine it by adding evidence from a source and citing it later, and then post it under “Class Exercises” to the forum “Argument Example Paragraph”

This should be done by 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 24. We will discuss it in class on Monday (ENGL 102.17) or Tuesday (ENGL 102.08).

How do you know what your Midterm Grade is?

I am calculating your midterm grades by adding up your grades in the following columns from Moodle:

1. Report 1 – (100 pts.)

2. Report 2 – (100 pts.)

3. Report 3 – (100 pts.)

4. Midterm Examination – (100 pts.)

TOTAL – 400 pts.

Take your point total out of 400 and divide it by 4 to equal your midterm grade as I will record it via MyClaflin on Wednesday, March 13.