MLA Formatting – Framing Quotations



How do you know what your Midterm Grade is?

I am calculating your midterm grades by adding up your grades in the following columns from Moodle:

1. Report 1 – (100 pts.)

2. Report 2 – (100 pts.)

3. Report 3 – (100 pts.)

4. Midterm Examination – (100 pts.)

TOTAL – 400 pts.

Take your point total out of 400 and divide it by 4 to equal your midterm grade as I will record it via MyClaflin on Wednesday, March 13.

Change in Due Dates


I decided that to put you on the best foot going into Spring Break we will move up the due date for Writing Workshop 2: The Background, to this coming Wednesday night via Moodle.

You will receive feedback on it in class either on Thursday or Friday.

This way you can make your focus on constructing your argument section (Writing Workshop 3) over Spring Break (if you so choose).

New DUE DATE: Writing Workshop 2 via Moodle on 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 6