Wrapping Up Week 1 and What You Should be doing this Weekend

Where have we been this week and where should you be going:

At this point you should have or be working on the following:

  1. Read the syllabus

  2. Followed the Course Blog: whynotgraphicnovels.com

  3. Looked at posts on Course Blog and Layout

  4. Posted in Discussion Forum on Moodle “Getting To Know You”

  5. Selected or Worked on selecting graphic novel for research on (Due, posted selection to Moodle by Sunday, May 26)

  6. Begun reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics 1-4

  7. Looked at Preliminary Research Process and Report 1 Assignment Sheet

Where you should be going this weekend and for class next week:

  1. Finish reading chapters from McCloud

  2. Post questions about Graphic Novel selection process and Report 1 to forum on Moodle

  3. Post Graphic Novel selected to forum on Moodle (by Sunday)

  4. Get to reading your graphic novel and take notes on it as you do

  5. Read posts to come about Note Taking and Close Reading.

To help with the Close Reading process I have a link below from Vox.com about comic books and a file discussing “Close Reading Strategies.” Pay close attention to the 3 step process laid out about “Steps in Close Reading” it discusses on page 5 of document. Use those steps to help you approach your reading and then allow that to enhance the notes you take about not only story, which you will summarize, but also the deeper elements you will want to uncover in your analysis as well.


VOX Article


Close Reading Article




BA in History from Northwestern State, MA in English from Northwestern State, and PhD in Rhetoric from Texas Woman's University. Big into comic books and visual rhetoric. Assistant Professor of English at Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC.

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