Thinking about YOUR Counter-Argument

To help us move forward, I want us to break into groups. With your group, do the following:

  1. Share your thesis and graphic novel.

  2. Other than your immediate anti-thesis (the inverse of your argument), what other things do you need to be able to address: discuss.

  3. Consider what are the MAJOR issues whether they be naysayers, other arguments, or questions from the audience you will want to raise and then answer in your counter-argument.

Graphic Novelist on Campus: Bonus Point Opportunity

Freshman College and Art Dept. are hosting Graphic Novelist for both a Workshop on Monday Evening (April 8) and a Lecture on Tuesday (April 9). Please attend.

If you write up a brief summary and response to any of these, bonus points will be applied to your lowest paper grade. I will accept submissions from you in class on Friday, Apr. 12.